The Company 

The João António Lima Malhas is a reference in the Portuguese industry, in the commerce and manufacturing of knits and textiles. It is a company driven by international markets, with a great capacity and high standards of performance.

The culture of excellence, technological development and flexibility in operations pose to Jalima in a prime position, being a modern and dynamic company, investing in research and development, quality control of materials used and final product in order to ensure customer satisfaction and the creation of value in the textile sector.


Mission, Vision and Values  


Deliver value to our customers by developing, producing and selling our product with the utmost rigor.


Be a reference at national and international level in the textile market, always delivering excellent products.


  • Rigor
  • Competence
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Specialization
  • Competitiveness


The João António Lima Malhas was founded in 2002 in the town of Barcelos, northern coast of Portugal, one project designed and built by the experience and knowledge of JoãoLima and Luís Lima, with the aim of creating a strong and competent organization in the textile market.

Starting the activity with only 4 machines in a hall of 600m2, over the past decade and fruit of labor, rigor and dedication, Jalima, nowdays, has 60 industrial machines, an industrial area with over 5000m2 and an annual production capacity of over 3,500 tons per year.

The constant evolution, both in technology and innovation, as well in volume of business and production capacity, Jalima Malhas is considered as one of the most paradigmatic cases of successful business in Portugal.



International development is critical and the several requests received and the remarkable increase of competitiveness of Jalima, Malhas, wich Increasingly solidifies its consolidation and positioning in the global markets.

At this time and in a steadily manner, Jalima has a standing presence and connections in Portugal, Spain, France, Turkey , among others, covering and extending the range of customers to the entire European community.

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