Why we are a reference in theTextile Industry

For us it is essential to have among us the finest, to ensure the best product and provide a quality service to our customers. Offering quality, flexibility and efficiency throughout the various stages of the project and commitment we assume.

Qualified Professionals

Professional excellence, properly qualified, skilled and already with lots of experience in this industry, being able to resolve any situation or problem that they be exposed and contribute to the development of the company and the satisfaction of our customers.

Textile Quality Control

Our products are targets of continuous monitoring of quality standards, which the raw materials and the finished product are inspected and can therefore meet the expectations of our customers for an ever greater commitment.

Flexibility and Efficency

A key strengths is the flexibility and speed of order and delivery processes, enabling dynamism in order processing, accuracy in inventory and operational ease, for the provision of the services.

What We Do


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19 May 2016 By João António Lima Malhas in Jalima

Ultra Lin – Paris 2016

08 April 2016 By João António Lima Malhas in Jalima

Nad Duarte, Stylist

23 February 2016 By João António Lima Malhas in Jalima

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